Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer is a great investment for those interested in a healthier lifestyle. Our trainers will help hold you accountable, push your limits, and help improve your quality of life through holistic and customized training programs. At Encompass, we cover everything from injury prevention, fat loss, strength gain, stress management, corrective exercise and functional movement.

It’s about choosing the right exercises for your position, activity level and personal health history; understanding when and how to advance them and making sure they are performed with proper technique and position. In way of life, we are regularly doing activities that generate doubt in our methods. From sleeping on one side, sitting for a very long time, or playing sports like golf and golf, our methods progressively make good and bad points that progressively result in asymmetry in our position and activity. These position and activity doubt can result in needless devastation on our sites and muscles and make us more at risk of serious pain and accidents.
The goal of Helpful Exercise is to recognize both position and activity doubt and mixed restrictions and build a program to correct them. The focus is on motions designed to make balance, balance, and/or flexibility in areas that are not working properly.